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In 2007, Tangent made a DVD about a science-based formula for a global climate deal called Contraction & Convergence (C&C). Distributed to all MPs by the All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group, which endorses C&C, the DVD had had an acknowledged influence on the debate that led to the Climate Act.

Developed almost twenty years ago by musician turned Nobel-nominated environmentalist Aubrey Meyer, C&C is backed by a growing number of scientists, economists, business people, faith leaders and politicians around the world. However, after the Kyoto Protocolin 1997, the mainstream environmental movement worked to keep C&C off the agenda onthe grounds that it 'lacks political support'.

Fourteen years later, Meyer's continuing advocacy - and the continuing stalemate at the UN climate talks - has led to renewed calls for C&C. The problem is that few people have even heard of C&C. The mainstream media (with a few notable exceptions) has failed to engage with C&C as a game-changing rationale for global collaboration to cut future carbon emissions and failed to grasp its potential as the intellectual foundation of a sustainable and fair global economy.

The film we are proposing will tell Aubrey Meyer's story, show how C&C can reconcile international differences so that all nations can work together to avert runaway climate change and show why music makes this possible. Promoted as 'music's response to climate change' and linked to a complementary website, the film (working title 'The Well Tempered Climate Accord') will engage a world-wide audience with the key idea of our age.

We have in-principle agreement from Tal Gadon (lead animator, Waltz with Bashir) to create animations to illustrate key moments from Meyer's story and for the involvement of outstanding classical and world musicians who understand why the shared understanding and discipline of music holds the key to averting climate chaos.

All that remains is small matter of persuading potential funders and sponsors to back the film..."

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Small grants from foundations enabled us produce a summary graphic sequence aboutC&C and create websites for the C&C Foundation www.candcfoundation.org and themovie www.candcmovie.com

Close collaboration with Aubrey Meyer and production of TV documentaries about the environment, gives us specialist knowledge about the key issue of our times and is very relevant to other projects.
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